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Wasn't bad need a little work on the whole art portion of it, other than that it was pretty great. Cool story, I liked. Thanks!

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This is absolutely phenomenal, the animation, the voice acting, the story was great. I loved this flash so much. Thank you for the great watch, it truly is amazing!

What's with the lack of pre-loaders and excessive amount of looped videos on NG right now. There is a free pre-loader you can download from Newgrounds and I suggest you just throw that in front of your video before you submit.

A lot of users like myself dislike that looped animations as we have to right click and stop the video (just seems a bit obnoxious to me) and in the end I deduct points for that.

Also, I noticed you used DBZ effects, should somewhere state that).
Other than that, it was sort of funny I guess... The animation itself wasn't terrible although I wish the characters were better designed.

Regardless, 3/5 stars for this.


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JukinS responds:

thank you! this will help me to improve!! I've some problems with ng loaders, so sorry about that

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Not too bad, sort of hard, the art was a bit crappy and the enemies reminded me of Koffing from Pokemon. Other than the character design and the facts he's constantly shooting the weapon and it's not controlled, I will give it 3/5 stars.


Decent graphics, but when I pulled into the "parking space" nothing happened. I even had the car facing the proper way, so I have no idea what to say. I will give it a 3 because the art is good, the hit tests are good, just needs a "goal".


What is the purpose of this?
If it actually typed and allowed you to DO something I would understand uploading it. Here's a suggestion though. O,K,L is obnoxious as hell. Why not use classic W,A,S,D & Arrow Keys or NumPad 8,4,2,6?

That way it would be a whole lot easier to control the hands, and the typing at the same time.
The coding isn't terrible though I just wish it DID something. I'll give it 2/5 stars.


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This is pretty good. I liked it a lot sounds almost better than the original. Thanks for this!

It's not too bad, I personally feel like you are letting your voice go way too much, and it being this slow, almost seems like you are forgetting the lyrics. It's not terrible, I just personally feel like you are going way to slow and letting voice crack too much.

Incredible voice, cute song, I really liked this. :) Sounds awesome.

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Forgott the muffins.


Yet again, you manage to blow me away. Everything is great, the proportions, the shading, and overall just final product looks great. This would make a great character for any flash movie/game. You should do walking motions, and animation motion storyboards, and see if users would like to feature your characters in their movies. Another 10/10

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Hoboweasel responds:

Thanks! :D I'm probably getting flash soon, so I'll be able to make videos and stuff, if it's not too complicated. :J


Reminds me of "9". Great creativity, shading is excellent, also looks like something you would find in a Tim Burton Film. Just simply fantastic, I love art like this, and it's an easy 10/10.

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